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Would you like to see what went on at The Carve IV, Vegetable and Fruit Carving competition? You can also see photos of  last year’s carving competition event, THE CARVE III

See all the action and drama of  this
amazing vegetable carving competition.

John Mongomery, People's Choice Carving CompetitionIt was a really fun event for everyone from the competitors, to the audience, to the children who attended. This video will show you how the Professionals in the People’s Choice carving competition set up their beautiful displays. You’ll see how the audience was entranced by the amazing carvings and you’ll see how even the children got in on the fun.

And of course there was drama. You’ll also see how disaster struck one of the People’s Choice competitors. continue reading…

Today, I want to share with you some photos and an instructional video from Thai master carver and teacher, Wan Hertz.

Thailand is one of the countries best known for it’s beautiful fruit carvings.  And, Wan Hertz carves some of the finest Thai fruit carving that I have seen. The detail and intricacy of her carvings are amazing. Take a look at this one. Can you believe that she did this in only 3 hours? Look how complex the detail is! continue reading…

How long can your melon carvings last?

8 day old melon carvingMelon carvings can often look good for about a week.  They look best the first day. When stored properly they can still look pretty darn good after 1 week. How good your melon carvings will look after a week depends on a few factors. continue reading…

Do you have a lemon, tangerine or orange tree with plentiful fruit? Here’s something fun you can do with them to make your next meal presentation prettier.

I was recently given a whole bunch of fresh lemons and tangerines which prompted me to make this quick video showing you an easy way to make roses with citrus peels.

It’s a quick video. Only 2 and 1/4 minutes. Hope you enjoy it.

continue reading…

I thought you might enjoy seeing the step-by-step watermelon carving of Chef Francisco Vita of Brazil. He does beautiful work, doesn’t he.

continue reading…