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Fruit Carvings by Jim Morgan

Fruit Carvings can add beauty and liven up your food presentation

One great thing about fruit carvings is that they can really enhance your food presentation and even make you stand out as a caterer or chef. Customers want food to not only taste good, they are drawn to food that is pleasing to the eye. Many chefs use special plating techniques, but adding fruit carvings will take your food presentation to the next level!

Today, I want to show some continue reading…

Don’t you just love fresh and colorful fruit arrangements? They make wonderful gifts, attractive centerpieces and you don’t have to feel guilty about eating them!

Najlaa’s fruit arrangements

Homemade fruit arrangements are fun and delicious as well as beautiful.

Even parents with little picky eaters at home can “trick” their kids into enjoying a healthier snack with pretty fruit arrangements that can be eaten. I know this was the case with my son. For some reason, things are just more fun to eat when they are served on a stick!

The problem with store bought fruit arrangements is that they can be quite expensive, especially if you want special additions such as chocolate dipped fruit.

The good news is that it’s easy to make your own fruit arrangements at home. Read on to see photos of homemade fruit arrangements and vegetable bouquets and get some tips on how to make your own edible creation. continue reading…

In the week since Thanksgiving several of my blog readers have sent me their Thanksgiving centerpiece photos. I thought that you might be interested seeing them. I’ll also show you a fun arrangements surprise that arrived at my house this Thanksgiving.

Borrow these Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas to Make your own Holiday Centerpiece.

Monique with her Thanksgiving Turkey Appetizer

Monique with her Thanksgiving Turkey Appetizer

Many of these ideas can be used for many other celebrations besides Thanksgiving. Maybe you will find use for these ideas during the upcoming holidays.

Thanksgiving Centerpiece that Serves as an Appetizer

My daughter-in-law Monique surprised me by bringing a fun Thanksgiving Turkey appetizer sculpture made of bread. The bread was topped with cream cheese and covered with salami and cheese. Monique then added the “feathers” of skewered grapes, plum tomatoes, and cheese that were topped off with shrimp. What a fun Thanksgiving centerpiece idea! Isn’t it?

Monique told me that she had seen this Thanksgiving centerpiece idea in a magazine years ago.  She had torn out the page and kept it. But, when she went looking, she could not find it. So, she made this from memory.

Isn’t it cute! She made the head “feathers” and eyes from red bell pepper. See the photo below for a better look at the detail. continue reading…

Some of the first vegetable carvings that I made were for a Thanksgiving centerpiece. It was a bouquet of vegetable flowers. If I could make this my first time, you can, too.

I show you step-by-step how to make the yam (orange) and turnip (white) flowers as well as cucumber leaves in my video lesson, Yam and Turnip Flowers Made with U-cutters. And, you can learn how to make the beet roses in my video lessons, Hearts and Roses.  It’s easy once I show you  how.

Carved Root Vegetables Make a Beautiful Thanksgiving Centerpiece.

Root Vegetable Flower Bouquet for Thanksgiving Centerpiece

My first vegetable bouquet - used at Thanksgiving

I carved and assembled this bouquet continue reading…

 Have you ever seen how pretty Armenian cucumbers are? Do you know when is a cucumber really a melon? Find out in the short video below. continue reading…