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Thanksgiving Vegetable CarvingsRuben Olano knows a thing or two about Thanksgiving Vegetable Carvings. For over 20 years, Ruben has carved displays for The Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California. His beautiful carvings are typically featured at special events at the Disneyland hotels.
I’ve highlighted some of Ruben’s designs in my previous blog posts: Fruit and Vegetable Carvings for Mother’s Day and Fruit Carvings for Special Events. Be sure to visit those links for more photos.
The following Thanksgiving Vegetable Carvings showcase Ruben’s incredible talent. Perhaps they can serve as inspiration for you too as you prepare for Thanksgiving!

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Thanksgiving Vegetable TrayBring a healthy Thanksgiving Vegetable Tray to your holiday celebration and impress your family and friends with your clever creativity. The vibrantly colored veggies of autumn combine to make a stunning visual effect on the serving platter. The combinations are limitless. Choose from carrots, celery, tomatoes, broccoli, asparagus, cauliflower, any color of pepper, cucumber and more!

See more great ideas for Thanksgiving vegetable trays in this article. For more Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas, check out my continue reading…

Cornucopia pumpkin carving for ThanksgivingHere is an idea for a beautiful Thanksgiving Pumpkin carving with a cornucopia design that will make an eye catching centerpiece for your Thanksgiving celebration. Your guests will be impressed with your creativity! Even it you are not hosting Thanksgiving this year, imagine how excited your hostess will be when you show up with beautiful pumpkin lantern centerpiece like this!

Sometimes here in the US, we only think about carving pumpkins for Halloween. But why not take advantage of pumpkins to make lovely Thanksgiving pumpkin carvings? See how to make a pumpkin carving like this for Thanksgiving. continue reading…

autumn decorations from carved squash and pumpkinDecoration with carved squash and pumpkin are not just for Halloween. There are lots of ways to carve pumpkins and hard squashes that make them perfect for other fall festivities. In this article, I’ll show you how some of my students and readers have used carved pumpkins and other squashes for autumn parties. You might get some great ideas that you can put to use for your upcoming autumn celebrations, including Thanksgiving.

White Pumpkins are Great for Wedding and Baby Shower Decorations

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I’m preparing to have family over for Thanksgiving dinner later today. I took a minute to check my email and found that Jim Morgan who is an Executive Chef in Pennsylvania sent me this marvelous carving of a turkey carved from pumpkin. I had to take a moment to post this photo so that you could see it. Isn’t it great?

Turkey Carved from Pumpkin by Jim Morgan

Jim says that the tail and head are carved from a 2nd pumpkin. Great idea Jim.

turkey carved from pumpkin

Trukey carved from pumpkin by Jim Morgan

Here is another cute and easier way to
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Some of the first vegetable carvings that I made were for a Thanksgiving centerpiece. It was a bouquet of vegetable flowers. If I could make this my first time, you can, too.

I show you step-by-step how to make the yam (orange) and turnip (white) flowers as well as cucumber leaves in my video lesson, Yam and Turnip Flowers Made with U-cutters. And, you can learn how to make the beet roses in my video lessons, Hearts and Roses.  It’s easy once I show you  how.

Carved Root Vegetables Make a Beautiful Thanksgiving Centerpiece.

Root Vegetable Flower Bouquet for Thanksgiving Centerpiece

My first vegetable bouquet - used at Thanksgiving

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At this time of year, you might be looking for some great ideas for Thanksgiving centerpieces. In this article, I’ve compiled some of the ideas for fall and Thanksgiving centerpieces that I have posted in previous years. I hope that these photos and 2 short video ideas give you some inspiration for your own Thanksgiving centerpieces this year.

Carved Vegetable and Fruit Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Last year, I carved a few different centerpieces including one that looked like a turkey. It was carved from kabocha squash. 

Thanksgiving centerpieces

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Today is November 20 and I still have on display a carved white pumpkin lantern that I made on Halloween. That was October 31. So this pumpkin is now 21 days old! I’m finally about ready to throw it out. Amazingly, it is only now starting to get a little bit moldy on the inside. I’ve been keeping in on the table unrefrigerated all this time!

This is a huge contrast to the common orange pumpkins that I carved on the same day. Those got really black with mold on the inside within only 3 or 4 days.

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