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thankgiving-turkey-centerpieceIn my previous 2 blog posts I showed some carve fruit and vegetable centerpiece ideas for Thanksgiving. In one article there were several centerpieces that look like turkeys and in another, there were a variety of autumn pumpkin centerpieces.

Since then I’ve received several photos from my students and readers with their carvings. I thought you would enjoy seeing these centerpiece ideas, too. continue reading…

In the week since Thanksgiving several of my blog readers have sent me their Thanksgiving centerpiece photos. I thought that you might be interested seeing them. I’ll also show you a fun arrangements surprise that arrived at my house this Thanksgiving.

Borrow these Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas to Make your own Holiday Centerpiece.

Monique with her Thanksgiving Turkey Appetizer

Monique with her Thanksgiving Turkey Appetizer

Many of these ideas can be used for many other celebrations besides Thanksgiving. Maybe you will find use for these ideas during the upcoming holidays.

Thanksgiving Centerpiece that Serves as an Appetizer

My daughter-in-law Monique surprised me by bringing a fun Thanksgiving Turkey appetizer sculpture made of bread. The bread was topped with cream cheese and covered with salami and cheese. Monique then added the “feathers” of skewered grapes, plum tomatoes, and cheese that were topped off with shrimp. What a fun Thanksgiving centerpiece idea! Isn’t it?

Monique told me that she had seen this Thanksgiving centerpiece idea in a magazine years ago.  She had torn out the page and kept it. But, when she went looking, she could not find it. So, she made this from memory.

Isn’t it cute! She made the head “feathers” and eyes from red bell pepper. See the photo below for a better look at the detail. continue reading…

I know that Thanksgiving has past for this year but I wanted to share the carvings that I made to bring to the Thanksgiving dinner that I attended. There were almost 30 people and 3 tables so I made one centerpiece for each table. Here they are. continue reading…

Here is an easy Thanksgiving decoration idea. You can make graceful birds using acorn squash and yellow crookneck squash. If you have the time you can carve feather and tail designs for your acorn squash bird’s body.  Or, you can just use the acorn squash without carving and you will still have a very pretty bird. These can be used as a lovely Thanksgiving decoration or as a Thanksgiving centerpiece  for your dinner table.

It’s really pretty simple. Take a look at this quick video to see how. continue reading…

The first time that I carved flowers from vegetables was just before Thanksgiving. I assembled this bouquet and brought it to my mother-in-law’s home where about 25 of us were gathering for Thanksgiving dinner.

Root Vegetable Flower Bouquet

My first vegetable bouquet - used at Thanksgiving

I was excited to bring them to use as a centerpiece but Wow, I never expected such an enthusiastic response. I got so many compliments even from the men who usually don’t care about this sort of thing. The children were enchanted, too. One Uncle kept insisting that I should be on the Rachael Ray show.

If you look close, you can see that these are not the most perfect flowers ever carved. After all, it was my first time carving. But if I can do it and get all those ooohs and aahhhhs, so can you. continue reading…