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Watermelon Swan

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Nita's Swan Watermelon Carving for competition

Nita’s Swan Watermelon Carving Won the 2nd Place Award

I recently participated in a watermelon carving competition for which I carved a Watermelon Swan that won the second place award. I posted lots of photos of all the other winners and participants in an earlier blog post about the watermelon carving competition.

As a result of seeing the photos of my carved watermelon swan, I got a lot a requests asking for more details and information about my watermelon swan. So I made up this short video to show you more details.

Details of Carved Watermelon Swan

If you are an intermediate or advanced carver, this may give you some ideas for creating your own watermelon swan. If you are a beginner, perhaps you will be inspired to learn more. Take a look. continue reading…

watermelon carving competition contestantsI participated in a fun watermelon carving competition with my fruit carving class mates at the Thai Temple. I continue to learn and practice almost every week with these ladies. Once a year, we do a friendly competition.

You will enjoy seeing all of the idea inspiring photos from the watermelon carving competition in this article and in the photo gallery below. continue reading…

Take a look at some beautiful Thai fruit carving that we displayed during the Songkran festival a couple of weeks ago. The Songkran festival celebrates traditional Thai new year. A group of us who carve  each brought some fruit carvings to display at the Songkran festival. Here they are:

Thai Fruit Carving and Vegetable Carving

continue reading…