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Rose Carving Technique used on mango by Phung

Phung made a mango rose using the rose carving techniques taught in my "Carving Watermelons - Roses, buds and Leaves" video lesson.

In a recent post, I showed you photos of  melon roses that students carved after learning rose carving techniques from my lessons. Now, I’ll show you how these rose carving techniques are versatile when applied to other types of fruits and vegetables.

Rose Carving Techniques Applied to Tropical Fruits

I teach these rose carving techniques in my Carving Watermelons – Roses, Buds and Leaves lessons.

Once you learn these rose carving techniques, you can get creative with a variety of fruits and vegetables. Here is an example continue reading…

Mango Carving


Here is a mango carving that I did.

Mango Carving

Mango carved with rose pattern

This one was actually quite ripe and a bit soft to work with. When carving mangoes, it’s best if you choose fruit that is not yet ripe. That way your carving details will look crisper and cleaner and they will last longer.  If you’ve got ripe mangoes in the pantry and you want to practice carving, go for it. Carve them and then you can admire your carvings and then eat them. continue reading…