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Today, I want to share with you some photos and an instructional video from Thai master carver and teacher, Wan Hertz.

Thailand is one of the countries best known for it’s beautiful fruit carvings.  And, Wan Hertz carves some of the finest Thai fruit carving that I have seen. The detail and intricacy of her carvings are amazing. Take a look at this one. Can you believe that she did this in only 3 hours? Look how complex the detail is! continue reading…

Kabocha Squash carved with Roses

Kabocha Squash carved with Roses

Have you ever seen Thai fruit carving instructions that ask for Thai pumpkin? Or maybe the instructions just ask for pumpkin but it doesn’t look like the American pumpkin that you may be familiar with? That is what I experienced when first trying to learn fruit carving. Since then, my Thai friends and teachers have introduced me to Kabocha squash. This is what the Thai refer to as pumpkin. continue reading…