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Test your skills this summer by competing in the food art competition at the Ohio State Fair on July 29, 2014. Whether you are a professional fruit carver or a newbee amateur there is a place for you. If you are not up for competing, it’s fun to attend

This year there will be an Amateur Competition, a Professions Competition and a Watermelon Speed Carving Event for the Pros. And there will be over $2000 of prize money awarded. You can get more information and the entry form by clicking here.

Winner of Last Year’s Ohio State Fair Food Art Competition

Last Year's fruit carving winner at the Ohio State Fair

Titus Arensburg won 1st place in the Professional Competition last year at the Ohio State Fair

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Food Art by the University of Akron Garde Manger ClubToday, I want to give you an early look at some of the food art competitions and events coming up later this year. Food carving competitions are a great way to showcase the beautiful art of vegetable and fruit carving, and are an opportunity for like minded culinary enthusiasts to share and learn from each other.

Besides fruit carving, food art competitions and events can include cooking, ice carving, cake decorating and chocolate carving. Oh, and let’s not forget about a watermelon eating contest and watermelon face painting. Find out more about these fun and wacky fruit activities and how they are actually supporting a great cause! continue reading…

The Carve IV was a really fun vegetable carving event held in beautiful Holland, MI.

In the video on this page you will hear from pro contestants, collegiate contestants, judges and organizers of this one-of-a-kind event.

Maybe it will motivate you to attend next year. Or, even start you own vegetable and fruit carving competition in your area.

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There is lots of learning and fun to be had when participating in vegetable and fruit carving competition.

One of my customers is Chef Joe Renfroe who teaches at the Pennsylvania School of Culinary Arts in Lancaster PA. When he first contacted me he was looking for instructional DVDs for his students. He wrote,

I am always looking for other pieces of instructional information to show my students. I viewed some of your I viewed some of your work. Very good.”

Sometime after purchasing my Carving Watermelons – Roses, Buds and Leaves video for his students Joe sent me news of a competition he and his students participated in. Joe wrote,

I took my student to an American Culinary Federation (AFC) competition in Philadelphia last week and I took Gold professional and my students took Gold in the Student category. Here are some photos. continue reading…

The Holland Sentinel published a nice article about THE CARVE and you can see it at

You’ll find some really great photos of the event taken by a real journalist photographer so they are better than my photos. The photos include parts of the event that I did not get including the Kids Carve event where children were welcome to create their own vegetable sculptures and the awards banquet. You’ll also see much more detail and closeups. Here’s where you can view the photos. For those of you who attended THE CARVE, you can even download the ones that you want to keep. Just go here:
Here is the more specific link:

The first ever U.S. Collegiate National Championships were held at THE CARVE event at the Holland Farmer’s Market in Holland Michigan. It was all about fruit and vegetable carving. What fun it was. There was creativity flowing everywhere. In this article, you’ll see the winners and you’ll find lots of photos that may give you some ideas of your own. continue reading…

People’s Choice Division – Winner’s and Competitors

THE CARVE III at the Holland Farmer’s Market was a blast. Here are the winners and competitors of the People’s Choice division of the competition. The attendees of The Carve voted for their favorite vegetable carving arrangement. I was thrilled to be  awarded the first prize. Brandon D”Arca won the 2nd prize and Nicole Bennett took the third prize. Enjoy these photos. To see the photos larger, just click on any image below.

You can also see the carvings done by students during the U.S. Collegiate National Championships at THE CARVE III.

You might want to attend a really fun vegetable carving event coming up in a couple of weeks called THE CARVE III.The Carve III

Holland Farmers Market’s third annual vegetable carving event will host the first ever U.S. Collegiate National Championship Carving Competition where teams from culinary schools across the nation will compete. I’ll be serving as one of the judges along with the winner of Food Network’s Fantasy Fruit Sculptures Competition, Doug St Souver. Cash prizes will be awarded to the top 4 winning teams.

Everyone can get in on the fun because there will be Peoples Choice division where professionals, amateurs, and students can complete and the public will decide the winners. High schoolers can compete in there own division. In these two divisions there will be cash prizes awarded to the top 3 winners.

On Saturday, kids can join in the fun by assembling their own fruit and vegetable sculptures.

This is bound to be a blast for anyone who likes to play with food as well as for the public that attends. Come if you can. If you know anyone else who likes the idea of playing with food, pass this on to them.

It’s not too late to compete. You’ll find all the details and the competition registration form at

THE CARVE III takes place at the October 1 and 2, 2010 at the Farmers Market in Holland Michigan and is proudly sponsored by Alpenrose Restaurant.

P.S. As a lover of food art, you might find these two websites of the organizer of THE CARVE, Greg Butauski, really interesting. They show ice sculptures, sand sculpture, food art and more.