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Food Art Pictures by Fulvio Bonavia

Food Fashion by photographer Fulvio Bonavia

Today I’d like to showcase some witty food art pictures by award-winning photographer, Fulvio Bonavia from Milan, Italy. Food has become an increasingly popular medium for photographers, as it allows them to create art that is appealing to a number of senses, including our taste buds!

Fulvio Bonavia’s unique take on food art pictures involves combining food and fashion. According to Mr. Bonavia, this concept is intriguing because food and fashion are both “objects of desire”:

People with means tend to indulge themselves with what they choose to wear and what they eat….food photography is considered “successful” when it makes you want to eat what you see. But what my aim was is to make something “cheap” , something like broccoli that you can find at any old supermarket, into something chic and elegant”.

And yes, Mr. Bonavia uses real food for his food art pictures so he has to work fast! Take a look at the imaginative and fashionable food art pictures by photographer Fulvio Bonavia. continue reading…

Food Art Underwater Garden by Gianna Goldy

Gianna Goldy's Underwater Garden Food Art made from carved vegetables

Food Art is becoming an increasingly popular because of popular television cooking shows and because food naturally appeals to both our eyes and our taste buds! Well, today I want to share with you a lovely ocean food art creation by a student, Gianna Goldy. Gianna’s “under the sea” theme, with all of its fresh vegetables, makes me think of an underwater garden.

I was delighted to receive her wonderful photos and the following message in my e-mail:

 Nita, here are some pictures of an “Under The Sea” food carving I did for a project in my Culinary Arts class. This is the first time I ever attempted food carving. My inspiration came from what I saw while diving at the Virgin Islands. I was quite pleased at my attempt at food carving which led me to research food carving on the internet, which lead me to your website. I have ordered 14 of you’re DVD’s and several knife and carving utensils. Thank you for your teachings! I am learning a lot. Gianna Goldy”  continue reading…

Have you ever seen the amazing food landscapes created and photographed by British photographer, Carl Warner?


Winter village made of cookies and confections - see larger image of same further in this article.

This amazing food artist was brought to my attention this week by one of my customer/students, M. Choquette.

British Photographer Creates Food Landscapes
that are a Feast for the Eyes.

Carl Warner, 45, first draws his ideas, then buys the produce and spends days creating food landscapes using a whole bunch of fresh ingredients…plus some pins and superglue.

His latest book, Food Landscapes, features many food art seascapes as well as scenes from around the world such as a wild west wagon scene complete with avocado cowboys. Take a look at Carl’s fantastic photos. continue reading…