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watermelon-cake-Rose-cropWe hope everyone had a lovely Mother’s Day weekend and we want to share a few photos that we received of some beautiful Mother’s Day Fruit Carvings.

Rose Flores, who began her fruit carving journey with Vegetable Fruit Carving over two years ago, sent me a photo collage of her recent watermelon cake carvings for both Easter and Mother’s Day. Perhaps even more amazing than her carvings is the story behind them. Rose was admitted to the hospital in February with what she thought was pneumonia. Instead, she discovered that she continue reading…

Watermelon rind flower with fruit kabobs by Abby Veira

Watermelon rind flower with fruit kabobs by Abby Veira

A few photos of fruit Easter carvings have been sent to my by students and blog readers. I am sharing these photos here. Maybe you will get some ideas that you can use for your Easter carvings.

Actually, when you take away the Easter eggs, these carving ideas can be used any time of the year. continue reading…

Easter Ideas - Carved Vegetable Calla LiliesEaster is coming up quickly, so here are some pretty Easter ideas for food carvings.

Calla Lilies which bloom in the Spring have long been a symbol of purity and beauty, resurrection and rebirth. Commonly used for Easter celebrations and weddings the calla lily has a simple and beautiful elegance.

I carved the Calla Lilies that you see pictured here from continue reading…

Radish and turnip flowers

Radish and Turnip flowers by student Allan Jarvis

This blog post features the lovely fruit and vegetable carvings of one of my student/customers, Allan Jarvis. Allan is in Queensland, Australia. In one of Allan’s first emails to me he told me that he was introduced to fruit and vegetable carving many years ago in Thailand but had not done too much until recently. He wrote, “The book I bought in Thailand is great but not enough steps… ” Shortly after, Allan joined our video lessons.

With spring celebrations like Easter, Songkran Festival and the Indian Festival, Holi coming up you might see some ideas here that you can use. continue reading…

cantaloupe melon bunny

Cantaloupe bunny by Jean Geraldo Silva

In a recent post, I wrote about Melon Bunny carvings. Since then I have received several more photos of creative carved melon bunnies made my students and blog readers. So, here they are, just in time for Easter.

Maybe their photos will give you some new ideas for your own melon bunny carvings.

Creative and Whimsical Melon Bunny Carvings

I love how some readers have taken the melon bunny idea and ran with it! The melon bunny carving that I teach in my video lesson is great for serving fruit, but you can also use the melon bunny theme as a centerpiece for decorating purposes. (You can see the continue reading…

Some of my viewers have sent emails telling me that “Your carvings are so beautiful, it’s kind of intimidating to try them”.

Bunny Carved from Honeydew MelonThat is why I created a video about how to carve a honeydew into a bunny. It’s a simple project that you can make with knives you already own. It’s cute and fun. Simple.

Some of my students told me that they planned to make the honeydew bunny basket for Easter parties.

I heard from one of them, Michelle,  the day before Easter. She said, “I just want you to know that I am making the bunny basket and I LOVE IT! It’s INSTANT GRATIFICATION.”

Then the day on Easter, Michelle let me know that she had brought it to her church for an Easter potluck and lots of people complimented her on the bunny. They said things like, “You made that?” “How did you do it”. It’s adorable.” and more. Then when she was picking up her empty bunny to go home, one of Michelle’s friends rushed up to her and asked if she could buy the empty bunny. She told Michelle that she was going to two more Easter parties that day and wanted to refill the bunny with fruit salad and reuse it. Generously, Michelle simply gave her the basket.

Michelle isn’t the only one who’s bunny basket got used more than once. Another viewer told me that she made two honeydew bunnies. One to use the night before Easter and one to use on Easter and refill for a second party that same day. She also got lots of ooooos and aaaaahs and people couldn’t believe that she made it.

Just goes to show you that these simple carvings really are admired and enjoyed by others.

You’ll be amazed at the responses that you will get!Bunny carved from cantelope

P.S. By the way, if you don’t have honeydew available to you, this bunny can be made with any other type of melon just as easily.

Get your DVD instructions showing how to make a melon bunny here: