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Watermelon rind flower with fruit kabobs by Abby Veira

Watermelon rind flower with fruit kabobs by Abby Veira

A few photos of fruit Easter carvings have been sent to my by students and blog readers. I am sharing these photos here. Maybe you will get some ideas that you can use for your Easter carvings.

Actually, when you take away the Easter eggs, these carving ideas can be used any time of the year. continue reading…

Hatching Easter chicks in cabbage nest - one of my easter centerpiecesThis year we hosted a family Easter party complete with carved fruit and veggie Easter Centerpieces. In this post I’ll share some of the fun we had and the carvings I made. You’ll see photos of my Easter Centerpieces and you can see a video of the highlights of our family Easter party.

This Easter, we had a larger than usual turn out. And, we had a super busy week leading up to the party before we even began on all we needed to do for the party. My husband and I had a lot of preparation to do. You know, the continue reading…

Melon bunny basket for Spring

A cute melon bunny fruit bowl for your Spring time Celebration

I love to celebrate Spring by making one of my easiest fruit carvings – a melon bunny fruit basket. This is my favorite time of year because everything is fresh and blooming and it really does feel like a new beginning.

Certain fruits start to come in season so it’s a great time to enjoy them and have a little fun by serving them in a melon bunny fruit bowl. Plus, kids will go wild for these melon bunny bowls and the fruit will disappear in no time! continue reading…

Are you considering making some kind of Easter fruit display but want to keep it simple?

Some fruit carving ideas can be easy and still make quite a pretty presentation. Take a look at these photos one of my blog readers, Ken Hildebrand sent to me of an attractive fruit display that he created. Something like this would be nice for an Easter fruit display. continue reading…