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Mother’s Day will be here soon. Flowers have been a long standing popular gift for Mother’s Day.

individual serving fruit bouquet for Mother's Day

Making breakfast or brunch for Mom? Individual serving fruit bouquet would be fun.

Are you looking for something more original? If your mom lives near you, you can present her with something a little different. How about making her a flower bouquet made of fruits or vegetables?

Something Small and Sweet for Mother’s Day

An individual serving of fruit arranged in a small bouquet would be fun, especially if you are serving her breakfast in bed. This square garden fruit bouquet is one of the many projects taught in my Vegetable and Fruit Carving 101 Course for Beginners.

What about a melon carved to look like a bunch of flowers? This watermelon that I carved to look like a bunch of curled petal roses is a pattern that will be taught in one of my upcoming video lessons. The release date continue reading…

Vegetable and Fruit carvings for Mother's Day by Ruben Olano

Ruben Olano's fruit carvings for Mother's Day at Disneyland Resorts

I met Ruben Olano through my fruit and vegetable carving website. This was one of his first emails that he sent to me.

“I work for DINEYLAND RESORTS HOTELS and I used to do, all the fruit decoracion, for thanksgiving Mother’s Day, Easter and Christmas Buffet, and Sculptures for displays in Banquets. but Watching all the work that you have done from your, pictures, MY RESPECT….you are truly an AMAZING ARTIST”

I thanked Ruben for his kind words and told him that  coming form a Disney Resort chef I considered that high praise indeed. I asked to see some of his carving photos. continue reading…