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Poinsettia Day


carved watermelon poinsettia

Did you know that poinsettias are the best selling potted plant in the United States and Canada? December 12 is National Poinsettia Day.

Yesterday a representative of Dole called me to ask to use my photos of watermelons carved like poinsettia’s in honor of National Poinsettia Day. I’m certainly aware of the popularity of poinsettias for Christmas decorations but, I hadn’t known that there was such a day. So I looked it up.

The Founding of National Poinsettia Day continue reading…

When viewing carved watermelons, so many people say that they are just too pretty to eat.

Sometimes after carving watermelons, I slice them up and we eat them. But other times I put them in the refrigerator in our garage intending to serve them later, or take photos for my website. But, once out of site, out of mind. I sometimes forget them and rediscover them after they are too old to eat or photograph.

Perhaps you too don’t eat your watermelon carvings and they get too old to serve or display. So what do you do with them then? continue reading…