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3 knife set of Kom Kom fruit carving knives with wooden handles
Small fruit carving knife with rigid bladeSeeding knife with long curved bladeAll purpose knife

Kom Kom Superior 3 Knife Carving Set


Thai 3 knife essential set for carving fruits and vegetables. Scroll down for more details.

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Product Description

Imported from Thailand where fruit carving is a national art, these versatile knives Kom Kom Fruit Carving Knives with wooden handles, are great essential set of knives for fruit carvers. The small fruit carving knife and the long curved blade seeding knife are great for specific carving tasks. These knives are used throughout the Vegetable and Fruit Carving 101 Course for Beginners.

  • High quality Stainless Steel
  • Sharp Cutting Edge
  • Hardened and Tempered
  • Firm Rigid Blades
  • Includes a fruit specialized carving knife, a seeding knife and a paring knife.

This Kom Kom Knife set includes a strong rigid blade small fruit carving knife for carving fine details.

The seeding knife with the long curved blade is very useful for fine trimming work in hard to reach places. It is also great for making watermelon cakes.

The paring knife is sharp and strong and handy to have on hand for a variety of cutting tasks.

The blades on all three of these knives are sharp, rigid and quite strong, and can be used with all fruits and vegetables and their firm rigid blades are strong enough for use with hard vegetables like root vegetables and hard squashes. Kom Kom enjoys a well deserved reputation for making some of the best quality knives for carving fruits and vegetables. Because of the versatility of these knives, this set is a great all around set for beginners and skilled carvers alike.

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Additional Information

Number of Tools in Set



6″ to 8.25″ long

Lessons using this tool
or tool set

101 Course, 17 Lesson Collection, Bouquets and Butterflies, Fanciful Leeks and Onions, Fun with Peppers, Honeydew Lotus with Carved Flower Center, Melon Bunny and Calla Lilies, Onion Lotus Flowers, Veggy Bouquet with Jicama Flowers, Watermelon Cakes #1 and #2, Yam and Turnip Flowers

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