Are you looking for a last minute idea for a decorative 4th of July watermelon fruit salad to bring to a party?

Here is an idea for you. A red, white and blue star spangled, 4th of July watermelon fruit salad bowl.

You’ll need a watermelon, blueberries and a large jicama.4th of July Star Spangled Watermelon

1. Lie a large watermelon on it’s side and slice off the top 1/4. Cut out the fruit inside so that you end up with a watermelon “bowl”. you can take the watermelon out with a melon baller or cut out chunks large enough to slice and then cut stars using a small star shaped cookie cutter.

2. Slice your jicama into 1/4 to 1/2 inch slices. Using a small star shaped cookie cutter or fondant cutter, cut star shapes. You can get these cutter very inexpensively at Michael’s craft store or most other cake decorating shops.

4th of July Fruit Salad

Watermelon and jicama stars are cut with cookie cutters. Add blueberries and you have a red, white and blue 4th of July fruit salad

If you don’t have jicama, you could substitute apples for the stars. Just make sure to put them in a bowl of salted ice water for 10 minutes or brush with lemon immediately after you cut them. This will help slow down the browning that occurs when apples are exposed to the air. Jicama is a better choice because it is whiter than apple and won’t brown.

3. Place the cut watermelon, blueberries and star shaped jicama back into watermelon and VOILA you have a star spangled red, white and blue, 4th of July watermelon fruit salad.

OPTIONAL: If you like, you can carve a flag design into the outside of your 4th of July watermelon bowl. Shave off the green rind where you want to carve your flag, Then when you cut away stripes of the flag from the white rind, you will reveal the red fruit for the red stripes. If you are going to do this, do the carving prior to adding the fruit into the watermelon bowl.

OPTION 2: Or, you can use the inside of the rind that you cut off the top and carve a flag into the inside where you can cut away the red fruit to reveal the while rind for the stripes. You could toothpick blueberries into the blue area of the “flag”.

Sorry I don’t have a video to show you this time. All my time has been immersed in developing my upcoming membership site where members will be able to access more video lessons.

My 4th of July Watermelon Bowl – 2010

Update 7/4/2010 - Here’s a photos of the watermelon flag fruit bowl that I made this morning.

4th of July Watermelon salad bowl

Update July 3, 2011 – To see another how to make another 4th of July red and white striped watermelon bowl idea link the one pictured below, click here.

4th of July watermelon carving - Striped Pedestal Bowl

Update 7/5/2010 – I brought the American Flag watermelon to a party yesterday and it was a big hit! Everyone loved it.

Update 7/5/2010 – My mom took the cookie cutter star idea and lined a glass serving bowl with the stars arranged in a pattern that would show through the glass. Then she filled with the fruit salad. She got lots of ooohhs and aaaah from the guests at the 4th of July party that she attended.

Have a safe and happy 4th of July!

P.S. Usted encontrará las instrucciones en español en la sección de comentarios de esta entrada del blog que uno de mis lectores traducida.
(You will find the Spanish translation for my directions in the comments section below that one of my readers translated.)

P.P.S. I’d love to see photos of your 4th of July watermelon salad bowl.

To see photos of carvings students and blog readers have carved, click here – 4th of July Carving Photos

P.P.P.S. To see more lessons showing how to make red, white and blue edible bouquets perfect for the 4th of July, click here.

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