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American Culinary Federation Competitions and Events

If you are looking to participate in a friendly carving competitions, check your your local chapter of the American Culinary Federation. The American Culinary Federation (ACF) offers opportunities to socialize and learn along side chefs in your local area. They have competitions that include fruit and vegetable carving divisions. You can visit the American Culinary Federation […]

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Watermelon Carving Cindy

Watermelon Carvings Steal the Show

My student/customer Cindy Rozich, recently shared with me a few photos of the gorgeous watermelon carvings that she created and donated to a local high school theater production of Tarzan. The three carvings were on display in the lobby throughout the show’s five performances, including a dinner theater with an audience of over 3,000 people. […]

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Scott Wade Mona Lisa Dirty Car Art

Dirty Car Art

You may wonder what Dirty Car Art has to do with fruit and vegetable carving and the answer is, well, not much. But we love all forms of art (sugar art, latte art and more) and the dirty car art by Scott Wade is definitely an impressive form of art. Scott lives down a 1.5-mile-long […]

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What does quitting have to do with fruit carving? Nothing. Except that yesterday I sent out an April Fools email to my members saying that I quit. Have you ever wanted to quit your job? Then you might get a smile from this video that Marina Shifrin made to tell her boss that she quit. […]

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