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pumpkin carving of Paramahansa Yogananda - founder of the Self Realization Fellowship

75 Halloween Pumpkin Carving Designs

Every year on the evening of  Halloween, the City of Encinitas, in San Diego County, California in partnership with the Self Realization Fellowship puts on fun event for the whole community that includes hundreds of Halloween Pumpkin carvings. In numerous spots throughout the old downtown area along Highway 101, lighted carved and decorated pumpkins are […]

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Sue with other amazing pumpkin carvers Ray Villafane,

The Marvelous Pumpkin Carvings of Sue Beatrice

Last fall, talented sculptor Sue Beatrice quietly burst upon the pumpkin carving scene. It started with her posting her first pumpkin sculptures on Facebook and blossomed into carving events, TV appearances and more. I first become aware of Sue’s masterful pumpkin carving from a photos that she posted on Facebook. I wish I could find […]

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Ric Testani’s Beautiful Wedding Fruit Carving Arrangements

In August, a reader who stumbled across my website contacted me about creating wedding fruit carving arrangements for her daughter’s upcoming wedding. Her daughter was getting married in September and she wanted some fruit carving arrangements for the occasion, a large elegant event with about 350 guests. She wrote, “I regret not to hear about you […]

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The Best of the Culinary Olympics

The Culinary Olympics brings together the best chefs and culinary artists from around the world every four years. They compete over the course of several days to make impressive works of food art. You’ll see some wonderful photos of some of the magnificent competition entries at the Culinary Olympics further down this page. After posting […]

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corgi decorated cake

Truly Remarkable Sugar Art

Yet another amazing example of creative food art is sugar art. Even though we focus on fruit and vegetable carving, there are many types of remarkable edible art, such as salt art and latte art, and we love to support all forms of artistic food. Sugar artist Michelle Wibowo won first and second place at […]

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Prageeth won 2nd place at Culinary Olympics

Winning Fruit Carving Photos from 2012 Culinary Olympics

The Culinary Olympics, officially known by its German name, “Internationale Kochkunst Ausstellung” or “IKA”, brings together the best chefs in the world to compete. The competition dates back to 1900 and, like the regular athletic Olympics, is held every four years. Not only does the competition include both hot and cold food but it also features […]

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Salt Art – Another creative food art

Prepare to be amazed by the wonders of Bashir Sultani’s amazing salt art. This Afghan-born artist uses simple tools, such as a razor and q-tips, to maneuver the grains of salt into portraits of celebrities on a black background. Just as I shared photos of spectacular Latte Art by Mike Breach a couple months ago, I wanted to […]

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