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Carved wateremlon cake by Ali Tahir Butt

Ali Tahir Butt with his carved watermelon cake

A while back, when I first published my carved watermelon cake video, many readers and students/customers were inspired and sent me messages and photos of their carved watermelon cake creations. Here is what one of my students, down under in Australia, wrote to me.

Hi Nita,
Happy Birthday and thanks for the beautiful gift of watermelon cake carving. Its amazing how a little thought can turn an ordinary watermelon into a work of art. I thank God for sending us his favorite Fruit carving Angel into the Body form of Nita. God Bless you for bringing the joy in people’s life. May God give you a long life to keep blessing every one with your talent.

Thanks for the kind message, Ali. It gave me a kick to be called a fruit carving angel. I like that image – makes me smile.

I’ve had watermelon cake photos from readers for a while, and now that watermelon season is here, I’d like to start sharing some of these photos. Hopefully, they will inspire you and give you good ideas for making your own carved watermelon cake! continue reading…

Vegetable and fruit arrangement and carving ideas

Unique "pizza" vegetable and fruit arrangement by Ramblin' Rose Florist in Claifornia

I often get e-mails from customers and readers who have used my fruit and vegetable carving techniques in their own unique vegetable and fruit arrangement displays. I always enjoy seeing their creations and want to share them so that other readers can get ideas for their own projects.

Today, I have a few interesting vegetable and fruit arrangement displays to show you that will hopefully spark some new creative ideas for your next event. continue reading…

Fruit and Vegetable Competition in Plain City, Ohio

A carving by Svetlana Partem for the Plain City Hertiage Days Festival competition

In April, I wrote a post about upcoming fruit and vegetable carving competitions, which included the Plain City Heritage Days festival competition on May 19th. Well, I got a first hand account from one of my readers,  Luis Rodriguez, who was a contestant in the Plain City fruit and vegetable carving event in May. This was Luis’ first carving competition!

Here’s a message that Luis wrote to me after his competition experience: continue reading…

Food fashion by Sung Yeonju - banana dress

A banana dress by photographer Sung Yeonju

Earlier this week, I wrote a post about Italian photographer Fulvio Bonavia’s food fashion pictures. He has come up with really interesting and creative ways to pair food with clothing and accessories to make delicious designer photos. Well, this trend setting food art concept has been given a unique twist by another photographer from South Korea named Sung Yeonju.

Ms. Yeonju’s take on food fashion is in the form of edible dresses. Her designs look so chic that it’s hard to believe that they are made from fruits and vegetables, bubblegum and even chicken! Check out Sung Yeonju’s food clothing photos from her project called “Wearable Foods”. continue reading…

Watermelon Cakes by Nita

An example of a watermelon cake taught in Nita's video lessons

Today, I want to show you how my readers have gotten creative with their watermelon cakes. I have received many photos and messages sent to me by readers and students telling me how much they enjoyed my free watermelon cake lesson and my Watermelon Cakes #1 and #2 DVD lessons.

 I love all the different variations and twists that students and readers have added to the watermelon cakes to make it their own. The cakes are beautiful and colorful and are a healthy alternative to the sugar and fat loaded real cakes.  I thought you might like to see these photos to get ideas for your own edible creations. continue reading…

Food Art Pictures by Fulvio Bonavia

Food Fashion by photographer Fulvio Bonavia

Today I’d like to showcase some witty food art pictures by award-winning photographer, Fulvio Bonavia from Milan, Italy. Food has become an increasingly popular medium for photographers, as it allows them to create art that is appealing to a number of senses, including our taste buds!

Fulvio Bonavia’s unique take on food art pictures involves combining food and fashion. According to Mr. Bonavia, this concept is intriguing because food and fashion are both “objects of desire”:

People with means tend to indulge themselves with what they choose to wear and what they eat….food photography is considered “successful” when it makes you want to eat what you see. But what my aim was is to make something “cheap” , something like broccoli that you can find at any old supermarket, into something chic and elegant”.

And yes, Mr. Bonavia uses real food for his food art pictures so he has to work fast! Take a look at the imaginative and fashionable food art pictures by photographer Fulvio Bonavia. continue reading…

I love hearing from my happy customers. I received a comment on my website from one of my student/customers Stephen Wilson that really made me feel good.

Here it what Stephen wrote.

“Just thought i would like to say thanks, Why you may ask, then let me explain…

I live in England, so i have been finding it hard to find carving help and tools, i have wasted much cash and time buying books that don’t help much and buying tools that don’t really do the job. Then i stumbled on your site and took a look at one of your free lessons, i was skeptical at first, thinking that this was just another money making site out to get your cash, but the more i watched the more i realised this was not the case. Your advice is fantastic, its at the perfect pace, i have bought some of your lessons and i love them, they are so helpful, when you are teaching us how to do something, you also point out what mistakes people who are learning make, and yes before i watched your lessons i made them all. Your videos have saved me so much learning time and my skills have increased so much i could just give you a big hug to say thanks continue reading…

Vegetable and Fruit carvings for Mother's Day by Ruben Olano

Ruben Olano's fruit carvings for Mother's Day at Disneyland Resorts

I met Ruben Olano through my fruit and vegetable carving website. This was one of his first emails that he sent to me.

“I work for DINEYLAND RESORTS HOTELS and I used to do, all the fruit decoracion, for thanksgiving Mother’s Day, Easter and Christmas Buffet, and Sculptures for displays in Banquets. but Watching all the work that you have done from your, pictures, MY RESPECT….you are truly an AMAZING ARTIST”

I thanked Ruben for his kind words and told him that  coming form a Disney Resort chef I considered that high praise indeed. I asked to see some of his carving photos. continue reading…

Vegetable and Fruit Carving Radish Bouquet

Vegetable and Fruit Platter Arrangement by Richard Testani

Many of my readers have expressed an interest in getting into business with Vegetable and Fruit Carving arrangements. After receiving “oooohs” and “aaaahhs” from their edible displays, friends and families have encouraged them to try turning their passion for making beautiful vegetable and fruit carving arrangements into profit.

Today, I want to introduce you to one of my readers/customer, Richard Testani, who is a professional in vegetable and fruit carving. You may have come across Richard’s name if you’ve read my blog post Radish Flowers | An Easy Vegetable Carving for Beginners. I think you will really enjoy his vegetable and fruit carving work and I hope his story will inspire you! continue reading…

Fruit Carvings by Ruben Olano

Ruben Olano – professional fruit carver for Disneyland Resorts

Fruit carvings are a wonderful addition to a meal for any special event. Themed fruit carvings can serve as a decorative table display or centerpiece, or can be used to dress up a fruit or hors d’oeuvres platter. 

Today, I want to share with you some photos from a reader, Ruben Olano, who used to work as a professional fruit decorator for Disneyland Resorts and Hotels. His fruit carvings were often displayed at special event buffets at the Disneyland hotels. I’m sure Ruben’s fruit carvings got many “oooohs” and “aahhhs” from the patrons dining the hotels. Take a look at some of Ruben’s fruit carvings – they may spark some ideas for your own centerpiece for a special event. 

If you’re new to fruit and vegetable carving, don’t worry, read on to find out how I can help you get started on making your own fruit carvings and fruit arrangements for your next special event. continue reading…

Food Art by the University of Akron Garde Manger ClubToday, I want to give you an early look at some of the food art competitions and events coming up later this year. Food carving competitions are a great way to showcase the beautiful art of vegetable and fruit carving, and are an opportunity for like minded culinary enthusiasts to share and learn from each other.

Besides fruit carving, food art competitions and events can include cooking, ice carving, cake decorating and chocolate carving. Oh, and let’s not forget about a watermelon eating contest and watermelon face painting. Find out more about these fun and wacky fruit activities and how they are actually supporting a great cause! continue reading…

Songkran Festival celebrations in CA

Thai fruit carvings were a part of the Songkran Festival that I attended

Earlier this month, I attended a Songkran Festival celebration held here in California. Also known as the Water Festival, the Songkran Festival celebrates Thailand’s New Year and is usually a time for self reflection and spiritual homage. The Songkran Festival takes place in Thailand every year between April 13th and 15th, but the fun festivities, which include friendly street water fights, can last for several weeks!

Although I haven’t had the chance to go to continue reading…

Ice bunny carving by David Utley

Ice bunny carving by David Utley

Today, I’d like to share with you some photos of cute melon bunny and ice bunny carvings sent it to me recently by professional and amateur fruit carvers and ice carvers.

Melon bunny and ice bunny carvings can be seen at large buffets in famous resorts like Disneyland at any time of the year. Check out these melon bunny and ice bunny carvings by professional artists.

Melon Bunny and Ice Bunny Carvings by Professional Fruit and Ice Carvers

Here are some professional melon bunny and ice bunny carvings that readers have shared with me. I think you will really enjoy them! continue reading…

Vegetable and fruit carving Aneta 1

Aneta Lekas carving fruit at the Riu Mambo in the Dominican Republic

How does a medical office assistant end up with a vegetable and fruit carving business, get a chance to showcase her skills at a famous Riu hotel in the Dominican Republic and possibly on a television show? 

This inspiring story is about one of my vegetable and fruit carving students/customers, Aneta Lekas. If you follow my blog, you may recall that I featured Aneta’s vegetable and fruit arrangements  in a previous post. I recently received more beautiful photos of her latest vegetable and fruit carvings, plus some exciting news that I wanted to share with you. I think you will find her story truly uplifting. continue reading…

Food Art Thailand Flag

Thailand flag made with red chili, shredded coconut and blue swimmer crab

I came across an original and clever food art idea that was showcased at the Sydney International Food Festival in Australia. To celebrate and promote the city of Sydney as a global dining destination, an advertising agency in Australia called WHYBIN\TBWA came up with the eye catching food art concept of arranging the traditional foods of different countries into national flags.

Feast your eyes on these clever food art flags from the Sydney Food Festival – a feast for the eyes, the taste continue reading…

Food Art Underwater Garden by Gianna Goldy

Gianna Goldy's Underwater Garden Food Art made from carved vegetables

Food Art is becoming an increasingly popular because of popular television cooking shows and because food naturally appeals to both our eyes and our taste buds! Well, today I want to share with you a lovely ocean food art creation by a student, Gianna Goldy. Gianna’s “under the sea” theme, with all of its fresh vegetables, makes me think of an underwater garden.

I was delighted to receive her wonderful photos and the following message in my e-mail:

 Nita, here are some pictures of an “Under The Sea” food carving I did for a project in my Culinary Arts class. This is the first time I ever attempted food carving. My inspiration came from what I saw while diving at the Virgin Islands. I was quite pleased at my attempt at food carving which led me to research food carving on the internet, which lead me to your website. I have ordered 14 of you’re DVD’s and several knife and carving utensils. Thank you for your teachings! I am learning a lot. Gianna Goldy”  continue reading…

The Competitions Season is here for Food carvers and sculptors, both professional and aspiring! If you enjoy vegetable and fruit carving as a hobby, there’s no better way to challenge yourself than to test out your skills at a few carving competitions.

Competitions Push You to Challenge Yourself  

Competitions Winning Entry by Nit aGill

Nita's First Place Entry for the People's Choice Award at the Carve III Competition

I know for some people just hearing the word “competitions” can be intimidating, especially if you’re a beginner in your vegetable and fruit carving journey. You may think, “I’m just doing this for fun!” But don’t worry, competitions are meant to be fun and they can be a valuable learning experience. You’ll meet people who will inspire you and seeing their work will encourage you to further your skills even more. And who knows, you may be surprised with how well you do!
If you need a little motivation, just read my previous blog post about a beginner vegetable and fruit carver who won continue reading…
Radish flowers bouquet by Nita

Radish flowers bouquet taught in Nita’s free video lesson

Making carved radish flowers is a great way to “get your feet wet” with vegetable and fruit carving. Radishes are easy to work with and are usually accessible in your grocery store all year round. Their bright red skin and white interior makes for a beautiful color contrast that is perfect for making vegetable flowers.

My free radish bouquet is easy enough for beginners and pretty enough for professional fruit carving displays. In this article you will see examples of radish bouquets make by students and pros.

Readers of my blog who have signed up for my free lesson always have great photos to share from their first attempts at carving radish flowers. I recently featured some of these photos in a previous post: Radish Flowers Carved by Students of Free Lesson. I also wrote a blog post about how students made their own variations on the radish flowers idea: Delicious Fruit Arrangements.

Since writing those posts, I’ve received more photos and comments from readers who have tried making radish flowers. I’d like to share them with you as it might give you ideas for making your own edible bouquets. continue reading…

Water Festival in Thailand

Water Festival activities in Thailand to welcome the New year

The streets of Thailand will be splashing with fun, music and excitement for the Water Festival (also known as the Songkran Festival) between April 13th to 15th.

The Thai people are well known for their intricate and beautiful fruit carving. During the Songkran Festival  fruit carvings are prepared to display and share as you will see further down in this article. But first, let me show you why the Songkran festival is also called the Water Festival.

Anyone who is outside in Thailand during this time is a fair target for drive-by water shootings, water balloons and garden hoses. But not to worry, the Water Festival activities are all in good fun to welcome the Thai New Year. In fact, the Water Festival is a welcome relief from the hot weather in Thailand during April.

Many other countries in Asia also celebrate a New Year in April and regard this time as a period of transition to welcome positive changes, while clearing out negative elements from the past. Many of us may associate this idea with Spring season, such as spring cleaning, which doesn’t sound as fun as a massive street water fight! So I’d like to invite you on another armchair adventure to mystical Thailand for the Water Festival. continue reading…

Hindy New Year Celebrations

Hindu New Year Festivities in India

New Year wishes in April? No, I’m not four months late ringing in 2012! Although here in the West, we welcomed the New Year on January 1st, there are many cultures, religions and countries around the world that celebrate a New Year in April.

In this sense, the New Year may not mark the beginning of a new calendar year that many of us are familiar with; instead, the New Year may symbolize the start of a new beginning in one’s life and a letting go of the past. I thought that this would be a fitting topic to share with you since it coincides with the arrival of Spring and the new life that comes with this Season! continue reading…