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cake made from fresh watermelon by Christelle

12 Cakes Made with Fresh Watermelon

Cakes made with fresh watermelons are are beautiful, healthy and refreshing summer dessert, perfect for birthdays and other special occasions. In 2011, I created some video lessons on how to make several types of beautiful cakes made with fresh watermelons. Since publishing these lessons, I’ve received hundreds of photos from readers and students from all […]

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Lino's carved potato flowers

Carved Potato Flowers Dress Up Dinner

Want to see a charming idea for super fancy french fries? Take a look at how one of my student/customers, Lino Hermano make threes styles of carved potato flowers. He planned to fry and serve to his choir members that he directs at church. What a fun idea! White potatoes are not often used in fruit and vegetable carving […]

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basket weave melon

Students Show Off Their First Basket Weave Melons

Don’t let the beautiful basket weave intimidate you! Although it looks intricate, it’s actually quite simple to carve if you follow the directions in my Basket Weave lesson. Several of my students who have already joined the online-only course,  shared photos of their carving success. If they can do it, so can you! The basket weave […]

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Incredible Crayon Carving by Hoang Tran

While browsing the internet for unique forms of artistic carvings, I came across Hoang Tran’s spectacular crayon carving. This talented California artist uses dental tools to carefully carve a variety of pop culture icons into the crayons, which he then sells on his Etsy page from $15 to $125. Tran’s carvings include Star Wars characters, animals […]

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Cheese Carving – Success on first try

We enjoy all forms of food art, including cheese carving. Ric Testani, a student of many of my fruit and vegetable carving lessons, recently shared a few photos of his first attempt at cheese carving. He used cheddar and provolone cheese to create a Bat Mitzvah-themed carving for his boss’ niece. I knew we had a large […]

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