I’m preparing to have family over for Thanksgiving dinner later today. I took a minute to check my email and found that Jim Morgan who is an Executive Chef in Pennsylvania sent me this marvelous carving of a turkey carved from pumpkin. I had to take a moment to post this photo so that you could see it. Isn’t it great?

Turkey Carved from Pumpkin by Jim Morgan

Jim says that the tail and head are carved from a 2nd pumpkin. Great idea Jim.

turkey carved from pumpkin

Trukey carved from pumpkin by Jim Morgan

Here is another cute and easier way to
make a turkey carved from pumpkin.

This idea and photo was done by one of my student’s, Sheran Casey. It was Sheran’s original idea and her first attempt. It’s a great idea isn’t it.

Sheran wrote,

“This turkey I did  last night while just fooling around.  It is far from perfect, but I was still pleased with my first attempt.”

I think it’s very charming. Lot’s of good things come from” just fooling around” with carving. What I like about this turkey carved from pumpkin is that it takes less time to make. We don’t always have all the time we want to carve during the holidays so there is always a place for faster and simpler carving ideas.

Next year, if you don’t have the time to make an elaborate carved turkey like Jim’s you can carve a simpler turkey pumpkin design like Sheran’s and still get raves from your guests.

Turkey carved from pumpkin by Sheran Casey

Turkey carved from pumpkin by Sheran Casey

Turkey carved from pumpkin by
pro pumpkin carving artist Shawn Feeney

Here is another Thanksgiving turkey carved from pumpkin. This one has been carved by professional pumpkin carver Shawn Feeney. Shawn was on on the winning team, the Bling Bats,  of Halloween Wars that aired on Food Network last month.

Shawn Feeney was also one of the pumpkin carvers on the team I was on where we carved pumpkins for the White House Halloween event.

You can see more of Shawn’s art at his website www. shawnfeeney.com

Thanksgiving Turkey Pumpkin Carved by Shawn Feeney

Thanksgiving Turkey Pumpkin Carved by Shawn Feeney

Thanks Jim, Sheran and Shawn for sharing your turkey carved from pumpkin photos with us.

To see some other  Thanksgiving Centerpiece ideas, check out the photos sent to me by my students and blog readers.

And see the Thanksgiving Vegetable Bouquet that I made for my Thanksgiving dinner.

 Maybe next year, you will make your own version of a turkey carved from pumpkin.

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