Here is something that you might use in your New Year’s celebration. This video will show you a few variations on how to make an easy fancy carrot garnish.

You can your carrot garnishes in cocktails for your New Year’s Eve celebration. Add a cherry and an orange slice  to use in any tropical drink. Add a lime wedge for adding to a Mojito or Cosmo. Add a lime wedge and green olive with your carrot garnish on a long skewer and add to a Bloody Mary for New Year’s brunch. Add just an olive to add to a martini.

These carrot garnishes are also pretty additions to non- alcoholic beverages for your New Year’s brunch. You can add to fresh pressed carrot juice or fruit smoothies.

You can do the same kind of design using orange peels although they tend to break more easily. You do not need to soak your orange peel garnishes in water the way that you do with carrots. It is easier to have consistent good results using carrots.

I hope you enjoy this fancy carrot curl garnish video. Feel free to share this with friends.

With all of my creation of this new site and my vegetable and fruit carving videos this past year has flown by! Thank you for your interest in my site and you can look forward to even more cool vegetable and fruit carving this coming year.

Have fun experimenting and have a Happy New Year!

You can find the fruit carving knife that I use in the video at

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