fruit centerpiece displayOne of my customers of my All Lessons Collection, Tzipy Cohen recently sent me some photos of her lovely carved fruit centerpieces, stylish fruit trays, and buffet displays.

Take a look at these and you will get lots of great ideas for making fruit centerpieces, trays, and carving displays for your next event.

Tzipy has a business in Jerusalem, Israel offering vegetable and fruit displays and doing party planning. Tzipy is a customer of my All Lesson Collection. She wrote to me,

I ordered all your videos , and started to watch them. ….Your work is very beautiful ,clean and precise…..Even though I already know almost every thing that you teach since I work with  fruit and vegetables, and give classes, too. I already got some new tips and ideas, that will help me with my work, Thank you.

All the best
Tzipy Cohen

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced catered, you’ll find useful instructions in my video lessons. And, in the following photos, you can get some great ideas from Tzipy’s outstanding vegetable and fruit arrangements.

Great Elements of Design Make Outstanding Vegetable and Fruit Centerpieces

fruit art display by Tzipy Cohen

Fruit Art Display by Tzipy Cohen

Tzipy arranged these carved fruits beautifully. In addition to her well carved items, notice how she used large leaves, grapes and uncut yellow chili peppers and apples for filler and background. She used fruits and vegetables of varying sizes and colors. She arranged them are differing heights. Look closely at the apples and you will see that Tzipy used a glass cylinder to contain the apples and to raise the height of the kobocha squash carved with roses topped with beet roses. All of these important design elements are combined to make a gorgeous display.

If you want to learn to make lovely carvings like these, many of the carvings in this photo are taught in my video lessons. I teach the radish bouquet in my free video lesson that you can get by signing in at the top of this page. The watermelon carved with a rose is taught in my Carving Watermelons – Roses, Buds and Leaves, which is available separately as well as being included in the Vegetable and Fruit Carving 101 Course and the All Lesson Collection. The cantaloupe flower, the beet roses, radish flowers and carrot flowers are also taught in my All Lesson Collection. You can see a short video about the Kabocha squash carved with roses on my blog.

fruit centerpiece with watermelon and beet roses by Tzipy

Another striking fruit centerpiece by Tzipy

Again, notice the arrangement. The fruits and vegetables are arranged at differing heights to form a triangular arrangement that is pleasing to the eye. Variations of the melon flowers, the beet roses, the onion flowers, zucchini leaves, carrot flowers, and the watermelon carving shown here are taught in my All Lesson Collection.

Good Design is Important for Appealing Fruit Trays, too.

When creating serving platters of fruit, a pleasing design really makes the platter more beautiful. Take a look as Tzipy’s fruit platter designs.

round fruit tray

Beuatiful and edible, Tzipy made a pretty circular pattern with a carved honeydew in the center


tzipy fruit tray

In this tray, Tzipy made a dramatic diagonal design with different colored fruits

fruit tray

Here a third way to create a pretty pattern on a circular serving plate.

Fruit Display with single servings

Fruit display with single servings

In the fruit display in the above photo, Tzipy creates an attractive way to include single servings of fruit and other colorful goodies in glasses, cups and individual dishes. Observe how she uses color, diagonal lines and differing heights in this arrangement, too.

A Few More Gorgeous Fruit Centerpieces

Here are a few more of Tzipy’s fruit centerpieces and displays for your viewing pleasure.

watermelon flower

You can learn to carve a melon like this one above in my video lesson, Melon Flowers – Smooth and Jagged Petals, which is part of the All Lesson Collection.

another fruit display by Tzipy Cohen

Another of Tzipy's outstanding fruit centerpieces

Another of Tzipy's outstanding fruit centerpieces

daikon bird and beet roses

Close up of diakon bird, beet roses and carrot flowers

I hope that you enjoyed seeing these really lovely fruit centerpieces and fruit trays. Whether you are a professional caterer or someone who simply like to cook and entertain, there are some great design lessons to be learned from Tzipy’s beautiful photos.

If you would like to learn more about how to make carvings like many of those shown in these photos, visit our online Shop or sign in for the free radish bouquet lesson at the top of this page. You’ll be on your way to making eye popping fruit centerpieces and trays that will WOW your guests.

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