Carved watermelon Christmas bow

Watermelon Christmas Bow carved by professional fruit carver James Brown

One of my blog readers, professional fruit carver James Brown shared this photo of a watermelon carved like a Christmas package with me. What a great idea for a Christmas carving! It’s so pretty isn’t it.

Square Watermelons

Square Watermelons

Imagine how awesome it would be if it were carved into one of these square watermelons. Yes, watermelons can be grown into a square shape. I’ve never seen one with my own eyes…only in photos. Apparently square watermelons are becoming more popular in Japan. And it’s not just as a novelty. They are a better shape for fitting conveniently into the refrigerator. You can see more about square watermelons on the CNN website.

But I digress. Thanks to James Brown for sharing his lovely Christmas Bow watermelon.

UPDATE Dec 29, 2010

After seeing this post, one of my customers and students, Al Kitchen, sent this photo. He saw James Brown’s Christmas bow watermelon and created one of his own. Here it is.

Christmas Bow Carved Watermelon

Christmas Bow Carved Watermelon by customer/student Al Kitchen

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