With fresh strawberries coming into season, it’s a great time to make a chocolate dipped strawberry bouquet. These strawberry bouquets can be made with white chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate or both. Strawberry bouquets are easy to make, beautiful and make a thoughtful gift or unexpected dessert during fresh strawberry season.

You can even make pretty strawberry bouquets with fresh strawberries that are not chocolate covered. You can serve your fresh strawberry bouquet along side a choice of dips that can include powdered sugar, brown sugar, chocolate sauce, minced fresh mint leaves, minced fresh basil, vanilla yogurt, plain greek yogurt, honey or sour cream and let your guests have fun mixing and matching the variety of dips.

Skewered strawberries, whether covered in chocolate or not, can be a pretty addition to a fruit bouquet arrangement with other fruits and fruit flowers, too.

Take a look at how easy and inexpensive it can be to make your own chocolate covered strawberry bouquet in this short video mini-lesson. You’ll learn a couple of things to do differently when a making a chocolate dipped strawberry bouquet than when you make regular chocolate covered strawberries. and, you will learn a mistake to avoid when dipping strawberries that can lead to a chocolate covered disaster.

You’ll be on your way to making an impressive and delicious chocolate covered strawberry bouquet in no time.

Take a look.

If you enjoy this mini-lesson, you may also enjoy my Bouquets and Butterflies video lessons. They are part of my Vegetable and Fruit Carving – 11 Week Video Course for Beginners, but they can be purchased as a separate DVD. To see details visit this page. To purchase, visit my shop.

Shari's BerriesMaybe you’d like to have some chocolate strawberries without making them or perhaps you want to send a gift of chocolate covered strawberries. If so, check out Shari’s Berries. The photos at Shari’s Berries may give you some other ideas about decorating your chocolate covered strawberries whether you use them in a bouquet or serve them on a plate. You can save 15%  during March 2011.

To learn how you can decorate your white chocolate strawberries take a look at this post on my blog called decorate chocolate covered strawberries.


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