Are you looking for ideas to make fruit and vegetable centerpieces for Christmas or other winter holidays?

Here is a short video showing you several different elements you can put together to make beautiful Christmas centerpieces. Arrangements like these will certainly get ooohs and aaahs at your Christmas or holiday party.

You’ll surprise and delight your guests when you make your centerpieces for Christmas with vegetable carvings. A couple of the vegetable flowers shown in this video are taught in my video lessons with guest artist Jimmy Zhang.

If you don’t have time for carving, you can still create lovely centerpieces for Christmas with uncarved vegetables with the ideas shown in this video.

Video Shows Creative Ideas for making Centerpieces for Christmas

You can learn more about the video lessons, Amazing Carving with Jimmy Zhang by clicking the Learn more button below.

Amazing Carving with Jimmy Zhang

Fruit Carving Lessons for making centerpieces for Christmas and other celebrations

If you want a mini-melon baller to use for making your holiday arrangements, it comes in my set of corrugated U-cutters.

Kamquats can also be pretty for your centerpieces for Christmas

One type of fruit that I forgot to mention in the video that would be pretty to use to cover tree forms or wreaths are kumquats. You know, those little tiny oval shaped orange colored citrus fruits? They would be colorful to use on centerpieces for Christmas and the holidays.

It’s would be kind of like the citrus decoration that takes place at the Orange Festival in Southern France, although on a much, much smaller scale.

Take a look at the amazing decorating with Oranges that goes on there. These photos were sent to me by one of my students, Panayiota Thoma. Amazing isn’t it? Those are all oranges and lemons.

Orange festival in Southern France

Buildings made of Oranges and Lemons at the Orange Festival in Southern France

orange festival

I’m getting sidetracked here. The point I wanted to made is that kumquats would be pretty to use for your centerpieces for Christmas.

Oh, one more thing. It’s probably not a good idea to eat vegetable and fruits that have been in contact with styrofoam. It’s probably best that your veggies arranged in Styrofoam be for display purposes only. Or, you could coat our styrofoam with fondant or icing. Or you could wrap it in plastic wrap prior to adding your veggies and fruit for your arrangement.

Have fun being creative making your Centerpieces for Christmas.

Here are some more ideas and photos for making garnishes and centerpieces for Christmas.

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