Watermelon Cakes by Nita

An example of a watermelon cake taught in Nita's video lessons

Today, I want to show you how my readers have gotten creative with their watermelon cakes. I have received many photos and messages sent to me by readers and students telling me how much they enjoyed my free watermelon cake lesson and my Watermelon Cakes #1 and #2 DVD lessons.

 I love all the different variations and twists that students and readers have added to the watermelon cakes to make it their own. The cakes are beautiful and colorful and are a healthy alternative to the sugar and fat loaded real cakes.  I thought you might like to see these photos to get ideas for your own edible creations.


Watermelon Cakes Made by Students and Blog Readers

Quite a few readers have come up with their own variation of cakes after watching my free watermelon cake lesson.  Check out their fresh edible creations!

Watermelon cakes Titi

Watermelon cake and pineapple kabob by Titi

Watermelon cakes Luis Perdigão

Luis Perdigão's watermelon cake

The cake above was made by Luis Perdigão from Portugal and he sent me this note with his photo:

My name is Luis Perdigão and i live in Portugal. I’m a big fan of your work and sometimes I try to make some fruit carving. I have a food blog …and as a way to celebrate my one hundred post I’ve made a watermelon cake inspired on your video free lesson. I’m not very talented but I guess it wasn´t very bad. Hope you like it. Thanks for your inspiration and greetings from Portugal!”

Yes I like it very much, Luis. I think your watermelon cake looks great, especially for a first attempt!

Here is a neat creation by one of my readers, Jaqueline Baker. I call her watermelon cake “curly top” because of the lovely cantaloupe curls that she added:

Watermelon cakes by Jacqueline Baker

Jacqueline Baker's "curly top" watermelon cake

The carved watermelon rind leaves also add an extra elegant touch.

More Unique Watermelon Cakes Made by Students and Readers

Below are even more interesting and unique watermelon cake ideas by students and readers that I’d like to share. For example, Kathy Huntley added a whipped cream filling to her watermelon cake. What a neat idea – take a look!

Watermelon cakes Kathy Huntley

Kathy Huntley's whipped cream watermelon cake

I was so interested in Kathy’s whipped cream watermelon cake so I asked her to give me a bit more information on how she made it.

Thanks Nita, actually the whipped cream held up quite well, I mixed it with a strawberry cream cheese which I believe helped give it a stiffer consistency. I did put too much in the middle , it kept oozing out, which was making the top slide , so of course after it was all decorated I realized this and put 2 chopsticks down the centre to keep it in place overnight and during transport. It was a co-workers birthday and she is dieting, (it was very well recieved). I did find decorating with the whipped cream around the bottom really gave a little something to the fruit! This was the first attempt at the cake..”

Great work for a first attempt, Kathy! I loved the whipped cream idea.

You can also make watermelon cakes of different sizes and layer them to make tiers. Here is an example of how Judy Louangsaysongkham did this. I love it, Judy.

Watermelon cakes three tiered by Judy

Judy's three tiered watermelon cake

Here’s another variation on the tiered idea by Susi Novianti:


Susi topped her watermelon cakes with carved melon roses

Aren’t the watermelon flowers pretty? Great job Susi!

You can learn to carve watermelon roses for your cake top in the Watermelon Cakes #2 video lesson. Carved watermelon roses are also taught in the Carving Watermelons – Roses, Buds and Leaves lessons. If you want to learn intermediate zig zag edged flowers, you can do so in my lessons, Carving Melon Flowers – Smooth and Jagged Petals.

I always like hearing how students and readers have gotten business opportunities from making their fruit carvings for special events. For example, Phung Nguyen brought one of her watermelon cakes to the school where she works as a food service worker and got two orders from teachers who saw her cake and were delighted. Take a look at a couple of Phung’s carved watermelon cakes:

Watermelon Cakes Phung Nguyen

Watermelon Cakes by Phung Nguyen 2

Phung Nguyen's Watermelon Cakes

I likes how Phung topped her cake off with carved fruit roses. Very pretty.

Here is a watermelon cake that she made for a wedding:

Watermelon Cakes by Phung Nguyen 3

Phung made this lovely watermelon cake for a wedding

Thanks for sharing your photos, Phung! Nice job.

One of my readers, Deborah Esi Ennin from Erlensee, Germany created some lovely variations on her watermelon cakes. Take a look at all the fresh and colorful fruit she added to really dress up her cakes:

Watermelon cakes by Debbie Ennin

Watermelon cakes with carved strawberries

Debbie Esi Ennin added carved strawberries to her watermelon cakes

I especially liked the carved strawberry roses. You did a wonderful job, Deborah! This adds a new meaning the “fruitcake”.

Here are a few more photos send to me my students and blog readers.

Watermelon cakes Robert Weil

Robert Weil's watermelon cake

Watermelon Cakes Regilda

Regilda Capitle's cake from carved watermelon

Watermelon cakes Precy Iraola

Watermelon cake by Precy Iraola

Isn’t it amazing how may possibilities you can come up with to decorate watermelon cakes?

This next picture is very different from the watermelon cakes you’ve seen so far, but I wanted to include it because it’s pretty, too. It’s a lovely Happy Birthday watermelon carving made by Oliva Atilano for Olivia:

Watermelon cakes Olive Montiel

Olive Montiel with her watermelon cake adorned with pretty carved melon flowers

 Great job, Olive. Happy Birthday to you!

It’s too bad that I don’t have a photo to go with this message from Kavya Bhanu, but I really liked the message and wanted to share it with you:

Thanks Miss Nita. I had a vegetable carving competition in my school and I tried your simply and lovely watermelon cake and i got FIRST prize. Every one asked me how I made it I said that my Aunty is Nita Gill she teached me…….THANK U THANK U THANK U THANK U” 

Isn’t that sweet? Congratulations on winning first prize, Kavya!

Learn To Make Watermelon Cakes from My DVD Lessons and Free Online Video Lesson

Carved watermelon rose topped cake

Carved watermelon rose topped cake

You can try your hand at making your own watermelon cake by checking out my free watermelon cakes lesson. You’ll see how easy it really is. You can see a whole bunch more photos of different watermelon cakes made by students and readers here. the possibilities are endless.

To learn more  techniques, including a  Happy Birthday cake with carved swags on the side, detailed Thai carvings on the side and watermelon flowers on top, feel free to check out my Watermelon Cakes DVDs in my online shop.

Easy and Happy Birthday Carved watermelons

Easy cake and Happy Birthday Carved watermelon taught in Nita's lessons

Intermediate 2 tier carved watermelon cakes

Intermediate 2 tier carved watermelon cakes taught in Nita's lessons

 I hope you enjoyed the pictures on this blog post and that they gave you some ideas of your own. If you have photos of a watermelon cake that you’ve made, I’d love to see them and I may even feature them on my blog!  Have fun making your watermelon cakes!

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