In celebration of the USA’s Independence Day, here is an idea for a red and white striped 4th of July watermelon bowl that is perfect for the 4th of July or any time.

4th of July Watermelon Bowl

4th of July Watermelon Bowl – free video lesson


Free Full Length Video Lesson

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Red and White Wavy Striped Watermelon Basket

Red and White Wavy Striped Watermelon Basket

The  striped watermelon bowl taught in this free video  is easy enough for beginners to have successful results. The last part of the video shows an wavy striped watermelon bowl idea that more advanced carvers can make.  You can use these instructions to create your own variation of these watermelon bowls that are NOT your mother’s ordinary watermelon basket.

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Here is what a few people have had to say about the VegetableFruitCarving emails and articles.

Dear Nita,

You have become a fine true friend and you don’t even know me !!!

Every e-mail of yours is read and copied by me. You see I am a “copy artist”, but I do tell everyone where each and every lovely idea comes from….from you !

Thank you for making my friends and family think I am a genius.


Enid Hammer

Thank you for sending this to me. I love it!!!  – Orqui Lop

Hi Mrs. Gill,
I think I will learn from you forever!
I will try this deco to offer to my american friends…
Eunice Webba

Thank You Nita for all your Tips n Tricks
I really enjoy them

Bill Ballantyne

Hi Nita,

I would like to thank you for all the video blogs that you have posted and shared with us.
They are a great help and we are overally pleased with the results.

Thank you once again and keep up the good work.

You’re a great inspiration.

Best Wishes,

Naz Begum

Your lessons are very nice by the way, very detailed and easy to learn from. And I love how you provide the necessary tools in your shop!

Summer Dawn Coumbes – West Virginia

Many thanks, Nita. I’m really enjoyed and loved all your inform. that you sent. – Trang Pham

Here is your free video showing how to make a some red and white striped watermelon bowls. ENJOY!

If you want another 4th of July watermelon carving idea check out my blog article from last year.

Happy 4th of July to my American readers! For my readers outside the USA, Happy Carving! =)

4th of July Watermelon Bowl Video Lesson

You will find many of the tools and knives used in this lesson in our shop. You’ll also find lots of other fun vegetable and fruit carving lessons. Take a look.

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Ok, so some of you may have trouble viewing the video above, if that is happening for you, you should be able to view the YouTube Video below. It’s the same as the video above.

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If you want to learn more melon carving, take a look at what is taught in my video lessons:

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You will also find several easy to make melon carvings in  my

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Send me photos of your 4th of July Watermelon Bowl or Carvings

P.S. If you create a striped watermelon bowl or other 4th of July watermelon carving, send me your photos. I’d love to see them and may even share them on the next blog post. You can see some 4th of July watermelon carving photos that have been sent to me here as well as photos of the watermelon bowl that I made for my 4th of July BBQ.

P.P.S. After the 4th of July, some readers sent photos of their watermelon bowls that are good for any time of year. You can see their photos here.

P.P.S. Here is another blog post where a student/customer adapted the watermelon bowl idea to make it perfect for a wedding fruit display.

P.P.P.S  After the 4th of July, I got so much positive response from viewers, I decided to leave free 4th of July watermelon bowl lesson here indefinitely for you to enjoy.

P.P.P.S. You can see 2 more lessons for making red, white and blue edible bouquets for the 4th of July by clicking here.

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