13 piece set of Pro Fruit Carving Tools

13 piece set of Pro Fruit Carving Tools in zippered case. A must for every pro carvers tool collection.

High Quality Fruit Carving Tools Included in the 13 Piece Pro Set

These high quality Pro Vegetable and Fruit Carving Tools are a great addition to your carving tool collection. They are very sharp, very strong and very sturdy. They are the largest set of U-V tools that we carry in our online shop. the tools in this set have a wide range of sizes.

13 pieces in Pro Tool Set

The 13 Tools included in the Pro Fruit Carving Tool Set

There are 5 U-cutter tools with 2 different size blades each for a total of 10 different sizes U-cutting surfaces. There are 3 V-cutter tools with cutting blades each for a total of 6 different sized v-shaped cutting surfaces. The U and V tools are 8 1/4 inches long and vary from 1/4 inch wide to 1 and 1/4 inches wide.

I find it very useful to have a variety of sizes of U and V cutters. I personally use the tools in all the sets that I offer in my online shop. The different sizes and shapes come in handy with different carving projects.

U cutter blades

5 of the 10 U shaped carving edges. Width of U shaped blades varies from the largest at 1 and 1/2 inches to the smallest at 1/4 of an inch.

The U-cutters in this Pro Vegetable and Fruit Carving Set are great for carving smooth complete circles and because these tools are long, they will cut all the way through honeydew and cantaloupe melons and pumpkins. They are useful for carving smooth heart shapes, too.

V-cutter fruit carving tools

3 of the 6 V-cutter blades

And of course you can carve all sorts of flower petals from lots of different vegetables and fruits with all of these sharp U and V tools. You can learn more in our video lesson, Amazing Carving with Jimmy Zhang.

One warning, be careful when you handle these fruit carving tools. They are very sharp and you can cut yourself. Also, be aware that the V tools are sharp enough to leave dents in counter tops made of wood, solid surfaces like Corion, and plastic laminate surfaces like Formica. So handle them carefully. Don’t just throw them in the sink when it’s time to wash them. I learned this the hard way and as a result, I have a few nicks in my counter top and kitchen sink from these very sharp V tools.

In addition the the U and V tools, a super sharp birds peak paring knife is included in this set. It has a high carbon stainless steel blade with a nonstick coating that keeps food from sticking to the blade. It also has a matching sheath that protects the blade.

Birds Beak Knife with Sheath

Birds beak knife has super sharp carbon steel

I tested this birds beak knife compared to many others and find that with it’s sharpness and non-stick coating, it glides through the foods that you are carving much easier than many other knives – even well known brand name knives that are much more expensive.

Also contained in this 13 piece Pro Carving kit is a high quality compass/divider that is useful for etching perfect circles when preparing to carve designs into watermelons and other melons, It’s great when you want to do symmetrical carvings and precise designs.

diamond cutter and groove toolThe ribbon tool in this set has a diamond cutter on one end and a round loop tool on the other end. These are used to carve grooves, for example, veins into leaf patterns in watermelon carvings. You can cut in one stroke what would normally take 2 strokes of a knife. The round loop tool is for carving rounded grooves into your carvings.

The hook line tool is for more advanced carving.You’ll find it handy when you get to an advanced level of carving.

There is also a curved U-V tool in the set with a reverse V cutter at one end. It’s great for deeper curved edges.

To summarize, the 13 Piece set of  Vegetable and Fruit Carving Tools includes:

5 U-cutter tools with 10 different size blades
3 V-cutter tools with 6 different size blades
U and V cutter tools are high quality with very sharp blades and are 8 1/2 inches long.
Bird’s Beak Carving Knife – super sharp high carbon stainless steel blade with a nonstick coating
Divider (sometimes known as compass)
Diamond Cutter and Loop Tool
Curved Tool with U cutter blade and inverted V blade
Hook Line Cutter

This Pro Carving Set is used in the video lessons, Amazing Carving with Jimmy Zhang, that we offer in our shop. It is a great companion lesson to go with this set of tools.

3 vegetable bouquets

Vegetable Bouquets using the Pro Fruit Carving Tools are taught in our video lessons, Amazing Carving with Jimmy Zhang

13 Piece Set of Pro Vegetable and Fruit Carving Tools
in regular unblemished case

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